Malwa Forest

Malwa Forest develops and builds forestry machines that cause little or no damage to the forest floor.

The machines are developed to be able to criss-cross between standing trees in the forest, i.e. without requiring a traditional network of access roads. They are primarily intended for first and second thinning, and they contribute to the creation of homogeneous stands rich in timber, which is better for both forest and the natural environment.

Rimaster started collaborating with Malwa in spring 2009. Malwa, at the time a fledgling company, needed help with quickly developing an electrical system for its new mini forwarder, the Malwa 360. The machine was introduced already at the Elmia fair in early June 2009 and commanded a lot of attention. In the short time available, we designed the electrical system, prepared supporting documentation for production and manufactured the cable harnesses, wrote the software for the control system, installed and commissioned the system in the machine.

Since then, we have been Malwa’s development partner for the electrical systems for their forestry machines and we are proud to have been able to participate in the company’s successes.

Malwa was also among the first companies to integrate riFuse – Rimaste’rs unique, digital electrical systems control center – in its machines.

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