Battery Cables

Rimaster is a leading supplier of battery cables to customers in many segments of industry. We are the first choice for many manufacturers of special vehicles – from plant, agricultural and forestry machinery to warehouse and logistics trucks. With efficient material procurement and manufacturing in Europe and China, we are able to combine high quality with delivery reliability and cost-effectiveness.

For more information, please feel free to contact Andreas Kronström on: +46 70 565 89 04.

Rimaster customizes battery cables for optimum functionality

Rimaster has access to advanced production technology that makes it possible to optimize battery cabling, taking into account requirements for assembly, space optimization and the surrounding environment. Automated manufacturing, a high level of employee competence and comprehensive testing ensure superior quality.

Efficient material procurement.

Rimaster has established an efficient purchasing organization in several parts of the world, and by so doing can offer flexible and market-adapted solutions. Our close cooperation with AMO Kabel provides benefits in terms of availability and access to technical development. Large purchasing volumes facilitate our being able to offer high quality with cost-effectiveness even in smaller series.

Ultrasonic welding

Rimaster offers ultrasonic welding that allows for extremely space efficient and flexible construction.

Automatic crimping

Rimaster has invested in automatic crimping facilities that contribute to high standards in safety and quality as well as efficient deliveries.

Plastic molding

We offer advanced technology for resin socketing of contacts.

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