Electrical cabinets

Rimaster develops and manufactures electrical cabinets for industrial automation and all types of specialised vehicles. On the side of the vehicle, it can be seen that we are amongst the market leaders in electrical cabinetry for mining, earth-moving and forestry equipment as well as materials handling. Our extensive electrical, electronics and mechanics expertise enables us to deliver complete system solutions to simplify and streamline our customers’ businesses. Rimaster’s global presence enables us to follow our customers and provide material supply and production in strategically selected markets.

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Rimaster offers complete electrical cabinet system solutions

Rimaster’s extensive expertise in electrical systems enables us to offer advanced total system solutions. We take responsibility for all or part of the development process, and produce and deliver in accordance with our customer’s requirements.

Unique total solution

Rimaster has a “total solution” ideology that is unique, with its own development and manufacture of complete electrical cabinetry. Our comprehensive solutions include everything from casing, circuit boards and control and regulation components, to signal and power cables.

Advanced tests

Rimaster controls the entire process from development to production and testing. With our own RTP (Rimaster Test Platform) test system, we are able to test both passive and active components. As required, we can also carry out high voltage testing.

Volume independent

Rimaster is highly flexible when it comes to development and manufacturing, focusing on competitive prices and high delivery reliability. With our customer’s needs as our start point, we are able to offer both complex products according to the “High Mix, Low Volume” principle as well as large series production in low-cost countries.

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