Swedish company Chargestorm was one of the pioneers in e-Mobility. Today, the company is the market leader in system solutions and charging structures for electric vehicles. The company’s new top seller is manufactured by Rimaster in Rimforsa.

Chargestorm leads the charger race

Chargestorm was started by the company’s CEO Patrik Lindergren, Ragnar Gustafsson and companion Stefan Gabrielsson in 2009.

– The actors on the market at that time were making very simple products. We saw the need for complete system solutions and charging structures for electric vehicles, says Patrik Lindergren. In 2010, Chargestorm launched its first system which was sold to the Swedish electricity company Jämtkraft.

– That year, four new electric cars were registered in Sweden! recalls Lindergren


Leading in the Nordic countries

n 2017, the situation is quite different. Today, there are almost 40,000 rechargeable cars in Sweden and as electric-powered cars have evolved, more and more individuals, companies and organisations are opting for the technology. And Chargestorm is growing in line with the interest. Today, the company is the Nordic region’s technology leader and has sold 21,000 charger packages. It has 20 employees, a turnover of SEK 27 million, and is enjoying continued growth.

– We operate within three business areas. Charging stations for different types of electric vehicles, digital services in the form of our cloud-based web portal Charge Portal, used for monitoring and payment routines, and licensing of our electronics solution to other manufacturers. Chargestorm technology can be found in most of the charging stations sold on the market and the company’s operating systems are used by Norway’s largest operators. Recently, Chargestorm has also signed an agreement with a global dealer to car-parking companies.

Rapid start-up

Chargestorm’s new top seller, EVA Wallbox, is a charging station designed for homes, condominiums and businesses, and is being manufactured by Rimaster in Rimforsa, Sweden. Rimaster has overall responsibility for production and functional testing and also provides logistics services in the form of stockholding and delivery according to call-out.

– The choice fell to Rimaster on the grounds of their extensive competence in the field of electrical cabinets. There are many great subcontracting manufacturers who are good at putting in a circuit board, but we needed someone capable of looking after the whole works. We saw that Rimaster had the experience, quality and production rate we needed. It’s a big advantage when you don’t need to train up the supplier, since that takes both time and energy. In this way we could accomplish a rapid start-up, says Patrik Lindergren.

– The fact that Rimaster is able to offer a system solution is also a security should we need to broaden our cooperation in the future. But the most important thing for us is to have a business partner who is on their toes. We expect our suppliers to be continuously working on developing quality and efficiency.

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