Haulotte Group

France’s Haulotte Group is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of lifting equipment for people and materials. As the European leader, Haulotte Group develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of products, with a focus on work platforms. Rimaster and Haulotte concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement in fall 2015 on development and manufacture of cable harnesses and control boxes. A global presence, which is required to be able to supply Haulotte’s various plants in Europe and China, is an important part of the collaboration, as is the fact that we offer both on-site sales and technical support in France, where Haulotte has its headquarters.

From engineering company to lifting equipment

Haulotte can trace its history back to the early19th century, when Alexandre Pinguely started an engineering company that later merged with the ”Ateliers de la construction A. Haulotte”. In the 1930’s the two companies designed and manufacterad a wide range of mechanical diggers, later expanding to derricks and mobile cranes. In 1979, the two companies start a close cooperation, in 1985 they merged and in 1998 they were noted on the Paris Stock Exchange as ”Pinguely-Haulotte”, a name changed in 2005 to just ”Haulotte”.

Today, Haulotte have a vast product range of people- and material lifters, production at six factories and have more than 1500 employees. Annual sales are now close to EUR 400M.

Choosing the right partner is key

– I am very glad that Rimaster have achieved an official supplier status with Haulotte, says Tomas Stålnert, Rimaster’s next CEO. – Rimaster’s philosophy is to be an attractive business partner for leading global companies in the special vehicle segment, and I am pleased this has attracted Haulotte, having a vast global organization.

– Haulotte is very thorough in choosing suppliers and partners, so us being selected is a ”stamp of approval” for our vision of creating simplicity in a global market for our clients, Tomas Stålnert says.

Initially, Rimaster will provide Haulotte with a selected range of components, including cables and control boxes but talks are already underway to expand that scope of deliveries.

– As it is Haulotte’s vision to primarily cooperate with global suppliers, I appreciate that Rimaster fits in their strategy, Julien Fambrini says. With our ability to offer seamless deliveries from our production units in China, Poland and Sweden, I am pleased and proud their qualification process now enables us to support Haulotte’s growing business in Asia and the US as well as in Europe, Julien Fambrini summarizes.

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