Luminex – The show must go on!

There is no room for error in large-scale events. Did you know that Rimaster, as supplier to the networking company Luminex, has been a part of the Eurovision Song Contest, world tours, and luxury liners? Technical audio-visual installations for today’s large-scale events have a high standard to live up to. A blackout or signal loss during a live broadcast show would be absolutely unforgivable. That is what has made Luminex popular among hundreds of AV installers and technicians.

Robust solutions for the largest shows

The Belgium-based manufacturer of network equipment develops extremely reliable and robust solutions for the largest shows on earth. Luminex products, which are manufactured by Rimaster in Sweden, serve as the link between the control panels and all the equipment on stage — in other words, between the mixing table and light, loudspeakers, and monitors.

– Our goal is always to offer the highest possible quality available on the market, says Hans Vandermaesen, project manager at Luminex.

– That is why our products have served as the backbone in, among other things, the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm and The Drones World Tour, a world tour of the English rock band Muse. But installers also use Luminex for fixed installations, such as Disneyland Paris and on one of the world’s largestcruise ships, Ovation of the Seas.

Hans Vandermaesen also explains that the collaboration between Luminex and its suppliers needs to be absolutely flawless since there is often a lot at stake.

– And Rimaster does a really good job of achieving this, he says.

Heavy-duty and a streamlined interface

For the last four years, Rimaster has been producing Luminex GigaCoreproducts. This entails, among other things, heavy-duty switches (touradapted), standard installations optimized for the entertainment industry, and a streamlined interface that makes it possible to set up complex networks without advanced IT know-how.

– We are very pleased with the collaboration. Rimaster’s strengths are its trade skill and extensive experience, says Vandermaesen.

So next time you’re enjoying a big concert, keep in mind that there is much more behind the scenes than you might think. It is actually the network that has been built up with pure trade know-how and years of experience that keeps the entire show together.

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