Toyota chooses ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a smart way to save space in advanced constructions. At Toyota’s behest, Rimaster is creating customer-unique solutions that provide increased flexibility in development and assembly. “It’s really only the imagination that sets the limits,” says Sven-Inge Lennartsson, Design Engineer in the Toyota Material Handling Group.

Since 1952, trucks have been manufactured in Mjölby. BT trucks are known worldwide for their Swedish engineering and reliability – and since 2000, the company has been in the hands of a mighty owner in the form of Toyota and the Toyota Material Handling Group. Mjölby is home to Northern Europe’s largest truck manufacturing unit and the European headquarters of the group. Rimaster is just a few miles away in Rimforsa.

– Rimaster delivers both signal and battery cabling to us, and over the years we have developed a close cooperation. The fact that Rimaster can also offer ultrasonic welding services is a clear advantage, says Sven-Inge Lennartsson.

Lower volume, greater freedom

A traditionally designed crimped cable shoe is both long and bulky, and this can cause problems if the components are to be

tightly packed together. “For this reason, we have opted to connect the cable directly to a copper plate that is attached by means of ultrasonic welding. In principle, you can attach anything along the length of the cable

– it’s only the imagination that sets the limits,” explains Sven-Inge. « This is of great advantage if there is a lack of space inside the machine because we achieve greater freedom as regards construction, together with simpler assembly.

– The production unit in Rimforsa has three ultrasonic welding machines, says Rimaster’s Key Account manager, Andreas Kronström. The costing profile for ultrasonic welding is not very different from that of crimping with cable shoe. The advantages arrive later in the process in the form of easier handling, since the method is space efficient and the plate can be angled and bent in the way you want.

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