We take responsibility for the entire chain of production, from development to manufacturing and assembly

Complex and customer-unique solutions

Rimaster has extensive experience in delivering cabs to the world’s leading specialist vehicle manufacturers. It often means producing complex, customer-unique solutions where we take responsibility for the entire chain, from development to manufacturing and assembly. We are an established and efficient supplier that can meet the demands for larger series and high quality with sustained flexibility. Rimaster also offers a proprietary cab system, riCab, which meets the customer’s requirement for individual solutions and adaptation without compromising efficient and smooth-running processes and cost-effectiveness.

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Our manufacturing

Rimaster manufacturing is certified according to ISO 3834. This means that all our cabs are welded under the same conditions and according to the same values, irrespective of machine and equipment. Certification also means that our employees have undergone extensive education, including both practical and theoretical factors.


Rimaster takes custom-made cabs to a new level

Rimaster is often invited in early in the process so that development work can be carried out in close cooperation with our customers. Our well-structured development activity includes design work in 3D CAD, model development and implementation of necessary verifications, such as ROPS, FOPS or other tests according to customer requirements. Our electrical systems and electronics expertise gives our customers a head start on the market. With our help, you are able to equip your cab with intelligent and future-proof solutions.


Rimaster riFuse is our proprietary electrical systems management and control unit, based on intelligent solutions. riFuse can be used both in customer cab solutions and in our own riCab unit and is intended for forestry and agricultural machinery, construction machinery and other special vehicles working in demanding environments. riFuse replaces relays and fuses and is managed and controlled by the vehicle’s existing control system. Compared with traditional solutions, it is thus easier to change functions and monitor the status of, for example, currents. Using riFuse as part of an electrical system gives improved driver comfort, safety and reliability, and lower maintenance costs.


Rimaster riCab is our own standardised, modular driver cab that can be easily adapted to different types of machines. riCab meets all the needs of smaller manufacturers of specialist machines, including those in agriculture. The concept has been developed so that it can easily be customised and updated in line with the customer’s requests. The module principle makes possible rational series production with retained flexibility and customisation capabilities.

With riCab you are able to meet the development and more rapid integration of new technology, as well as maintain a good driving environment in your machine.


High mix - Low volume...

Our primary objective is to have a customer base comprising global industrial product owners in two market segments, based on end-products and applications.

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