Rimaster employ the latest technology in electronics manufacturing.

High-profile electronics products

Rimaster, with its rational production organisation, is a natural and cost-effective partner for high-profile electronics products in small and medium-sized series. Our customers often display their confidence in us by inviting us to extend the cabling we supply them with into providing entire system solutions where we also manufacture and assemble the component electronics.

For more information, please contact Johan Lundh on +46 726 01 00 66, sejlu@rimaster.com


Rimaster offers Swedish quality electronics

Rimaster manufactures a broad range of electronics, offering everything from prototype manufacturing and serial production of surface-mounted circuit boards to complex control units. Fully assembled devices with mechanics, electronics and associated cabling – so-called box building – are a rational and cost-effective solution preferred by many of our customers. We have extensive experience in design and development with a variety of collaborative partners, and we also develop and install the necessary software.

Impressive production line

Rimaster’s production facilities employ the latest technology in electronics manufacturing.Our automatic surface assembly equipment can handle the majority of component sizes on the market. Hole mounting is done manually and soldering takes place in selective soldering units or in wave soldering machines. We also offer component embedding and complete circuit boards.

High quality requirements

Rimaster’s electronics production is carried out under quality assured manufacturing processes with subsequent functional testing. As required, we also perform high voltage and insulation tests. Automated control takes place using advanced AOI equipment.


High precision assembly. Fuji Aimex II, SMT

Screen printing. DEK Horizon 3iX

Casting. Scanrex 2K-ALLMIX

Wave soldering. Soltec lead/lead-free

Selective Soldering. EBSO SPA 400F lead/lead-free

Automatic inspection. OptiCon Smart Line


High mix - Low volume...

Our primary objective is to have a customer base comprising global industrial product owners in two market segments, based on end-products and applications.

System integration Wiring harness Control panels Electrical cabinets Battery Cables Development Cabs Mechanics Electronic Plastic molding

Global company

We are represented in multiple locations around the world. Read more here.
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