Quality, Environment and CSR

We never compromise on the quality of the products we deliver.

Quality and continuous improvement provide sustainable development

Rimaster strives for high quality in all our operations, as well as to deliver solutions that are both profitable and sustainable from an environmental and quality point of view. It goes without saying for us that our production should not have a negative impact on the environment.
Our code of conduct is very important to us. It must also be accepted by suppliers to us.

We are a business that is committed to corporate social responsibility. For instance, we have championed an integration project that is seen as setting an example for other companies.

Quality Policy

A high quality in all our operations creates increased competitiveness and financial advantages for our customers.

All products and services supplied by us shall exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements.

A focus on quality is a priority for all our employees.

We work with continuous improvements to create simplicity in order to reach or exceed our quality targets.

We shall always work with our management system in such a way that it brings continuous improvements of the system itself, as well as of the organization in general.


Environmental Policy

Rimaster shall actively contribute to a development of a sustainable management of our global resources.

Environmental consideration is a natural and integrated part of the business process, thus also constantly present in all our operations.

We shall constantly strive to further enhance our ability to minimize any environmental strain stemming from our operations.

From this follows:

▪ We shall always follow and adapt to any legal regulations that have an impact
on our operations.

▪ All employees have a responsibility to minimize the negative effect our operations might have on the environment.

▪ Recycling is a natural part of our processes.

▪ We shall strive to minimize our consumption of energy, raw material and packaging materials.



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