We are proud to present RiCon - Rimaster's own standard battery connection which is specially developed for the material handling industry but also for other industries that have high demands on strength.

For large batteries and large machines

The over-cast riCon design is extremely robust and adapted for use in heavy industry. The connection meets and allows the maximum current-carrying standard for forklifts, and is therefore perfect for really strong batteries. The riCon series works without difficulty with batteries designed for electrified equipment that can lift up to nine tons and more. With riCon, we can offer an optimized standard solution for high-power connections in all industries.

The standardized range extends from 80 A up to 400 A. This way you can use a smaller connection between models – for example 160 A connection with up to 250 A instead of a larger 320 A standard connection.

To find out more about riCon, please contact Jörg Hagmaier on +49 2234 291 3226.

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