Rimaster manages all the stages that need to be taken to go from idea to finished product.

Extensive commissioning experience

Rimaster has its own development and manufacturing unit for mechanical products. This product offering is a natural complement to our electrical systems and electronics business and gives us opportunities for total system responsibilities. And we can also combine this with our extensive commissioning experience, encompassing mechanical, electrical and electronics assembly, together with warehousing and delivery to end customers, of everything from simple mechanical details to control panels and complex truck cabins.

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Rimaster realises your product idea

Rimaster manages all the stages that need to be taken to go from idea to finished product. We undertake everything from the development of prototypes and zero series to shorter series production. This makes us an attractive partner both for smaller businesses with limited development resources and for global manufacturing groups wanting to streamline their processes. Through our register of contacts, our customers are also able to receive help in taking the next step to series production on a larger scale, through our collaboration partners in low-cost countries.

High development competence

Rimaster’s background in electrical systems and electronics affords us unique opportunities to develop and manufacture customer-unique products. We distinguish ourselves from the normal mechanics provider by taking overall responsibility and adding functional system solutions – from wiring harnesses and battery cables to control panels and intelligent electronics. Through cross-border cooperation within the Rimaster Group, we can simplify and speed up the customer’s development operations.

Advanced machine park

Rimaster has a fully-equipped mechanical workshop with an advanced automated machine park and high flexibility, thus making available excellent opportunities for cost-effective production in small series. Construction and preparation are usually fully integrated using CAD/CAM techniques. Our production is certified according to ISO 9001 and our welding processes according to ISO 3834. This means that all welding work is carried out under equivalent conditions and according to the same values, irrespective of machine and equipment. Certification also implies that our employees have undergone extensive training in both practical and theoretical subject areas.


High mix - Low volume...

Our primary objective is to have a customer base comprising global industrial product owners in two market segments, based on end-products and applications.

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Global company

We are represented in multiple locations around the world. Read more here.
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