Plastic molding

Rimaster's customers are quality-conscious and prioritize dense and robust systems that can withstand vibrations.

Molding capactiy

For us at Rimaster it is important to be able to offer high-performance and customer-adapted products. Therefore, we are constantly updating and investing our manufacturing resources and expertise in, among other things, new overmolding capacity.

We have, among other things, injection molding at Rimaster’s production unit in Rimforsa and a new plant for low pressure casting, often called overmolding, to meet customers’ needs for production in smaller series. The technology is ideal for all types of machines that work in harsh environments and have high requirements relating to tightness for components, including connectors.

Rimaster offers overmolded custom connectors with the right cable lengths for increased cost efficiency, responsibility for quality testing and CE marking. Our production process is flexible and designed according to customers’ needs regarding performance requirements, volumes and cost efficiency and is completely in line with Rimaster’s focus on “High Mix-Low Volume”.

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