Ditch Witch

In a brand-new project, Rimaster will help U.S manufacturer Ditch Witch and its dealers in Europe to customize their machines. In close collaboration, Rimaster Cab & Mechanics are developing a bespoke cab for the new JT 24 horizontal directional drill, offering unique opportunities to create customized solutions.

Customization together

Ditch Witch is a true American success story. Founded in the 1940’s, when a compact trenching machine was created to replace the pick and shovel for installation of underground residential utility services, Ditch Witch is now one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of highquality directional drills, vacuum excavators and trenchers. You’ll know it’s a Ditch Witch by its color – Halloween orange.


Customized in every detail

Developed and manufactured in Oklahoma U.S. the Ditch Witch machines are sold globally; in Europe by independent dealers, for example by JLM Scandinavia in Malmö, a company operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Ukraine. Usually the Ditch Witch machines are customized according to the local market’s preferences and the individual customers’ needs.

The dealers in Europe have requested a common solution for the cases when end-customers require a cabin for the driver environment. Starting with the JT 24 horizontal directional drill, Rimaster has developed a prototype of a cabin, which was displayed at the Ditch Witch distributor’s event in Barcelona in October. The next step in the project is to finalize the solution to fulfill requirements from the different dealers around Europe. This will mean a very close collaboration between Rimaster Cab & Mechanics, the Ditch Witch development facilities in Oklahoma and leading European distributors.

After evaluation, the cab will be taken into serial production at the Rimaster Cab & Mechanics production site in Sweden, each and every cab manufactured according to the customers’ preferences.

Specialists in High Mix- Low Volume

”We’ve developed a number of solutions regarding ergonomics, lighting, air condition, heating and cameras – giving the resellers and customers the possibility to find a perfect match. As specialists within the High Mix-Low Volume segment we have the capacity to develop a cabin that is very flexible and customer oriented, and yet be effective in the production”, says Claes Hull, at Rimaster Cab & Mechanics.

Seth Matthesen, Category Manager HDD, at Ditch Witch is equally positive. ”Rimaster has valuable know-how about the European market within special vehicles and we are really looking forward to the launch of this new, innovative Ditch Witch feature with anticipation.”

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