As one of the leading providers of intralogistic solutions, Jungheinrich depends on system suppliers with high vertical integration. ”Rimaster offers that certain extra performance because they know exactly how the cable harness connects with the Jungheinrich products”, says Senior Purchasing Manager Marcus Gessner.

Rimaster join forces for Industry 4.0

Li-ion-technology, safety, digitalisation and automation… The global manufacturing industry is undergoing a rapid change, and in this Jungheinrich aims to be the first choice in providing efficient and sustainable intralogistics such as trucks, scaffolding and storage systems.

Jungheinrich is a family business founded by Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich in Hamburg in 1953. Today the company is among the world’s leading intralogistics companies. In 2020, Junhehinrich had about 18,000 employees and a global revenue of €3.8 billion. Its products are marketed by 40 direct distribution companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America.  The Group strategy is focused on sustainable, pro table growth in order to enhance the value of the company.


Short and secure deliveries

As a result of the continuous improvement of the supply chain, as well as value stream for each single material into the trucks, Jungheinrich focuses on suppliers with high vertical integration, explains Marcus Gessner, Senior Purchasing Manager at Jungheinrich in Germany:
”The focus here is particularly on the combination of demanding, automatable processes and work content with a high level of manual work. If you want to be best in class within this segment, you need a production network in both high-tech and cost competitive countries, and delivery routes should be short and secure. All of these factors combined with a transparent and very competitive cost structure. In Rimaster, we have found a partner who has a great deal of intersection with our requirements.”

Electrical revolution

Electrical revolution Rimaster is Jungheinrich’s system provider of electrical systems for several different models of trucks. ”Rimaster offers that certain extra performance because they know exactly how the cable harness connects with the Jungheinrich products, no matter if it is a truck, a charger, a battery or anything else.  at is the advantage of a system provider that we want to make even greater use of in the future”, says Marcus Gessner.

”Another example is the merging of signal cable harnesses with power distribution from the battery to the electrical consumers.  is is an important point, especially for lithium-ion batteries and their charging technology, and all the more so for Jungheinrich as a leading provider of this innovative energy storage.”

Stability in challenging times

As mentioned, the mix of countries with attractive wage costs and stable, short delivery routes is very important for Jungheinrich’s very broad product range. ”This has currently been shown to us by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent allocation phase.” Most of the Jungheinrich production sites are in Northern and Eastern Europe, which, according to Marcus Gessner, corresponds well with the location of the Rimaster production countries. ”Sourcing from Asia will of course continue to be important for Jungheinrich. All the better if Rimaster has a good presence there too.”

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