Digitised property management is a multi-million industry. Swedish start-up Optiqo is one of the pioneers in the  ield – and is now experiencing worldwide growth with its smart services for airports, hospitals and shopping centres. And they have Rimaster Development as travelling companions.

Swedish Optiqo is revolutionising the real estate industry

“We’re in the business of helping property owners and various maintenance service contractors to optimise their service delivery,
through the use of smart digital tools. Facility Management is an industry that has slipped behind a bit, when it comes to digitalisation, but now a full-steam change is underway”, says Daniel Westling, Optiqo’s CEO.


Important for the environment

To actually be informed about how many people are moving around the premises and using the various spaces – especially the toilets and changing rooms – enables a property manager or contractor to ensure that cleaning and maintenance is being carried out at an appropriate level. This is particularly applicable to large public facilities such as shopping centres, amusement parks, hospitals and airports which many people pass through over the course of a day. Cleaning at the right time and in the right way is e cient resource management.
“Our calculations show that with the help of our solution, a hospital could save between 30 and 50 percent on cleaning. It’s also an issue of sustainability. Unnecessary cleaning means increased emissions of cleaning agents and chemicals as well as consumption of various disposable materials. Our customers want control both over costs as well as improving their sustainability work”, says Westling.

Fresh and informative
Optiqo’s customer offering consists of three different modules. Initially, a quality control examination is performed where we go through how property maintenance is carried out and what potential exists for improvement.  Then sensors are installed that collect data about the  ows in the property, facilitating the possibility of matching deliveries to real needs. In a third phase, property maintenance is visualised as a service to visitors.
“We have developed a display that provides users with information about when and how the space was last cleaned. We have a lot of customers, including fast food chains, who have chosen to install these displays in their toilets, as an alternative to the traditional handwritten cleaning list on the door. The solution is very much appreciated by both our customers and their guests. Naturally, the pandemic has also been a contributing factor in driving this development”, states Daniel Westling.


A smart box from Söderhamn

Optiqo’s solution with sensors to measure the flows and a display to inform visitors about the status of the premises, has been collected in so-called QlvrBoxes, which are mounted at strategic locations within the property. Using a QR code, visitors can also provide feedback on how they found the experience. The box is equipped with a 4G card and forwards the information for compilation to Optiqo or directly to the customer, as desired. Rimaster Development in Söderhamn has partnered with Optiqo and assists with both the development and production of the QlvrBox.
“We have a long-standing relationship with Rimaster who have assisted us and taken overall responsibility for the project. For our part, it’s a great strength that they can act both as a development partner for the electronics and systems, while at the same time, manufacture, assemble and keep track of the suppliers of components that exist around the world. We wouldn’t be able to run this kind of project on our own”, says Westling, who tells us that Optiqo is in a period of powerful expansion.

“Rimaster’s heart and soul”
Today, Optiqo has 10 employees, half of whom work in the USA, Canada and the UK. “Digitalisation and streamlining of Facility Management is a strong trend. We are currently expanding in the USA, Canada and England. We serve the European market from Sweden and via our partner in Germany. We are planning for continued global growth over the next few years”, Westling tells us. For Johan Lundh, Key Account Manager at Rimaster in Söderhamn, Optiqo is a real dream customer:
“This is exactly how we want to work. Our desire is to be the system supplier who is involved and supports our customers throughout the journey – from start to finish. From that first idea and the development of prototypes to series production, further development and continued growth.”
“This type of collaboration is Rimaster’s heart and soul”, says Johan, and goes on to say:
“Being able to support growth companies along their journey is a privilege. We want to grow together with our customers, support and help them whatever the size of the task. Many of our customers have gone from fresh start-ups to becoming global players – and it’s an awesome thing to be a part of that.  at’s how you build longterm relationships and mutual trust.”

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