A paradigm shift in power distribution.

A truly versatile power distribution module (PDM), riFuse represents a paradigm shift in vehicle power distribution – making traditional relays and fuse cabinets obsolete. 

As part of a total solution with a display-based master system that brings it all together, riFuse takes vehicle diagnostics to a whole new level. If, for instance, the motor is overheating, the system will let you know why – it’s because one of the fans stopped working – so, instead of troubleshooting fuses, you’ll instantly know what to do. This not only makes maintenance a whole lot easier, significantly reducing downtime. In the end, it’s about driver comfort and safety.

Optimized for use in vehicles operating in tough environments, such as forestry and agricultural machines, riFuse’s rugged design enables it to be placed almost anywhere. That means less and shorter cables, lower costs, and reduced weight.

What’s else? Well, with riFuse you can easily change the vehicle’s control system functions to suit your needs. Along with the module’s PWM control, which allows you to effortlessly adjust power with precision, this makes the entire vehicle more flexible. So go ahead, soft start the machine or dim the lights – with riFuse onboard, you can.

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Enhanced diagnostics

A robust system with superb diagnostics, riFuse lowers maintenance costs and reduces downtime. No more troubleshooting different fuses – because there are no fuses.

Simplified cabling

Say goodbye to complex wiring and hello to streamlined cabling, as riFuse can be placed almost anywhere. That means less cables, lower weight, and lower costs.

Increased flexibility

Harness the power of PWM control to regulate output currents, effortlessly adjusting device power and motor speeds with precision.

”By far the biggest advantage of riFuse is that it’s a robust system with superb diagnostics that facilitate troubleshooting and reduces the risk of downtime.”


Lars Olsson, Product Manager


Bruks-Siwertell uses riFuse as standard.

Being a mobile chipper really isn’t easy. Chipping timber products, ranging from fuelwood to forest residue, is a heavy, labor-intensive job. Bruks-Siwertell has used the Rimaster riFuse power supply unit to create optimal conditions for monitoring and control – while also reducing the risk of surprises.

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Malwa – a slightly smarter forestry machine

Why settle for “good enough” when you can take unsmart features and make them smart? riFuse is fitted as standard in Malwa’s innovative forestry machines.

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