The world record in precision seed planting is held by the Swedish company Väderstad. Väderstad's innovative precision planter, Tempo, can quite simply run a little faster than all the others — and at the same, the seeds are pushed down with great precision. The Tempo machine has an electronic control unit that is designed and manufactured by Rimaster.

Innovative cooperation promotes greater growth

Realizing such speed and high-level precision is no small matter. However, in modern agriculture, it is crucial for profitability and productivity. When Väderstad launched its Tempo planters, it revolutionized the industry. Tempo is a precision planter that delivers unprecedented precision at twice the speed of traditional precision planters. The result is a smooth appearance where the crop gets the best possible start.

“We believe that we have the market’s best precision planters. And the fact is we have the world record in precision planting of corn: 502 hectares in 24 hours!” Väderstad’s Systems & Components Manager Pontus Nordfeldt says with pride.

“Tempo is a very complex product the success of which is based on several factors. It includes an electronic control system and our innovative Power Shoot system, whichis a pressurized delivery system that provides full control, seed for seed, all the way down into the earth.”


Electronic Control System

One of the mainstays of the solutions in the Tempo concept is the electronic control unit that was developed and manufactured by Rimaster. The WS9 unit controls the output of the seed with great accuracy. The seed is distributed evenly spaced in rows, which is important for the crop and yield. When planting corn, for example, precision is crucial — if the seeds end up too close together, it impedes growth; if they are too spread out, it affects market potential and
The WS9 unit comes completely mounted from Rimaster, which also produces the input circuit boards. Rimaster also supplies the machines’ input wiring and various types of molding in the control unit and critical parts of the seed motors.


Väderstad's fast grower

It will soon be ten years since Rimaster’s team developed the WS9 unit that has helped the Tempo family to grow and improve. Today, it is used in all models in the range of products that includes machines with up to 24 seed trays. “We also apply the technology in our pneumatic seed drill concept, Spirit,” says Pontus Nordfeldt, noting that cooperation with Rimaster for the Tempo machine has been very important.
“This project has been of major importance for our own capacity for innovation. Cooperation with Rimaster has been an important piece of the jigsaw for Väderstad’s product portfolio.”
This is an image that is also confirmed by Väderstad’s Chairman of the Board, Christer Stark:
“Our long-standing relationship with Rimaster, in which we receive both help with development and delivery of high-quality products, is valuable to us.”

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