The Challenger - prepared for the future

Our society is characterized by efficiency, competition and constant development. In the future we will be surrounded by electronics and digital information. All to facilitate and improve our efforts.

Prepare yourselves to meet the future. RiCab adapted cabins provides you with just the type of toolset you´ll need to advance your output.

Read more on how we help the industry take the next step trough highly tailored cabinsolutions.

The cabin - epicenter of true efficiency and output.

With RiCab you can integrate your machines with modern society. You can offer your customers a cab solution that is customized to the need for instruments and electronics. A need that is in constant development.

RiCab is a flexible cab for different types of machines. The cab is standard for the efficient manufacture in series but through its modular design, it is still fully flexible. As a manufacturer of special machines, you are no longer dependent of costly adaptations of existing cab solutions. Here is the opportunity to save both time and money.

Modern and optimized design, with strong metal frame
Large windows for perfect overview with see-through-floor
Plug-and-play-functions för simple and cost effective installation
riMove - High performance electrical door
Modularity - configure your ideal cab
Cat 4 – secured air infusion

The electronic brain of your new rimaster cabin.

riFuse is a self-developed digital control unit for electrical systems. Intelligent solutions regarding wiring and fuselage give you a cabin without electrical disturbances. Working with our own riFuse-solution will give you an edge in productivity

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