Rimaster – Öppet hus!

Välkommen till Rimasters Öppet Hus lördagen den 18 juni kl. 09.00-12.00, avd Kablage/Panel.
Här arbetar vi med att bygga Kablage och Paneler till bl.a gruvmaskiner, truckar, jordbruksmaskiner etc.

Vi växer så det knakar. Nu söker vi både montörer, maskinoperatörer, tekniker mm. Totalt har vi idag 16 lediga tjänster.

Öppet hus – PDF

Rimaster in Rimforsa invests in diversity

Everyone at Rimaster should be given the chance to develop. For employees with Swedish as a second language, Rimaster in Rimforsa has carried out a successful integration project that has attracted participants with an international background.

Introducing – riCon

We are proud to introduce riCon – Rimaster’s own standard battery connector specially developed for the material handling industry.

– Vehicle connector; battery cable; charger cable
– High power connector for complete LV power system
– Durable connection
– From warehouse to heavy electrified vehicles
– Air adapters and signal-wiring with full variability
For all types of batteries and management systems
– Compliant with EN1175-1:2020

riInforced – 3 new premium overmolded connectors

Rimaster continues our effort of delivering high capacity cables and connectors adapted for our clients very specific needs by expanding our appreciated riInforced-series with 3 new premium overmolded connectors. Check out their specifications in these product sheets and read more about our significant investment in new technology in order to build our customers competitiveness in our product riInforced leaflet.

Nytt nummer av Riview ute!

Nu finns ett nytt fullmatat nummer av vårt magasin Riview. Här kan du läsa om Rimasters investeringar i mångfald, våra egna nyutvecklade produkter riCon och riInforced. Kundcase trucktillverkaren Jungheinrich och svenska Optiqo, som revolutionerar fastighetsbranschen.

Riview #2 2021

Meddela oss ditt namn och adress här så får du tidningen kostnadsfritt framöver.

Rimaster Poland invests in sustainable electricity supply

Rimaster invests in sustainable electricity supply. Check out our latest installation of solar panels in Czaplinek and Borne securing the electricity needs for the future.

Nytt nummer av Riview ute!

Ett nytt nummer av vårt magasin Riview är nu tillgängligt. I det här numret fokuserar vi på fördelarna med RinForced, affärsutvecklingen för Rimaster internationellt, och några intressanta kunduppdrag där Rimasters potential som partner blir konkret. Däribland Horns välbevarade hemligheter.

Riview #1 2021

Meddela oss ditt namn och adress här så får du tidningen kostnadsfritt framöver.

Safety first! Launching Rinforced concept for increased functionality and safety

Rimaster is investeing heavily in new technology in order to build our customers competiveness. Our new Rinforced concept offers complete solutions for overmolding (low pressure casting) especially suited for machinery working in harsh environments with high quality requirements on sealing and vibrations within components and cabling. We are offering customized connectors in required cable lengths, providing
increased cost efficiency and shortened lead times. As product owners, we are also responsible for quality tests and certifications.

Want to know more about what Rinforced can do for your product? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re open! Rimaster Serbia wheels starts turning

Yes sir, we’re open! Rimaster Serbia offers high availability as wheels starts turning.

Well aware that the situation might change from one night to another, and humbled by the challenge of a world pandemic, we are no less very happy to tell you that Rimaster’s expansion in Serbia continues. The new production plant in the Paracin Industry Park is up and running, offering new possibilities for customers looking for specialist competence and high availability.

A word from Milan Pavlica, Managing Director for Rimaster Serbia: ”Competence and availability is our main focus as we are continuing the dialogue with new exciting customers.”
Do you have an inquiry? You are welcome to contact your Rimaster key account or MD Milan Pavlica

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